{about me}

My name is Sandy. I have one wonderful husband of almost 17 years!  Together we have 3 beautiful, blonde, brilliant daughters (Mom's are supposed to be biased!)! My eldest is 14 and my youngest is 9 - my sweet-second girl (who we were told was a ~boy~!) is a happy 11.

My Honey and I.

Our fam!

AK is growing up way too fast!!  

 Our sweet 2nd girl, BK!

Our spunky 3rd - CJ.  :)

We also have 2 international students
from China who live with us during the school year.  Sweet girls!  :)

Our Dog - Blue. :)

And there's Aaron James.
 (He was given the name we'd picked for any of our girls - if they'd been a boy!).

I have been home educating our daughters for 9 years now.  
It is a lot of work, but very rewarding.

My first 3 birth experiences...

put some wonderful women by my side!

They made those "landmarks" in my life that much more rewarding, 

and I desire to minister to birthing moms the way they ministered to me!

On March 17, 2014 I was officially declared a certified doula with D.O.N.A. International!

I took a 7 hour Introduction to Childbirth class, and 20 hour Birth Doula Workshop 
with Working Woman Doula Training in San Francisco.