Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Because I love mothering,
and because I've said many of these things...!

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Monday, May 7, 2012


Love this:

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 2012

For Diana
I can't do it. You can do it. 
What if I can't do it?  You have to do it.
I'm so tired.  Close your eyes - take your rest. 
I don't want to do it.  Only you can do it.
Go go go!!!  Hard hard hard!!!  PUSH!!!!
Make it stop.  It will stop.
It will never stop.  It will stop.
It's just pain.  It's your son.
I can't do it.  You must do it.
He's not coming.  He's coming. 
I don't want to do it.  You're doing it.
I just want to be done.  You're almost done.
He's coming!  He's coming!  He's here!  He's right here!
Here he is! Look look look!  Your son.
I didn't think I could do it.  I knew you could do it.
I can't believe I did it.  You did.
By Sandy Kientzler

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February 2012

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


September 2017
"I would be happy to recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a compassionate and personable doula! Sandy was easy to reach by email or text throughout pregnancy and she always responded promptly. She spent time getting to know me and my husband which made us feel very comfortable. She felt like an old friend. During labor, she was one hundred percent focused on me and helped me through every contraction. We didn't use a lot of positions or gizmos; simply her touch was comforting. She encouraged my husband to be involved, but also encouraged him to get some rest during slow parts of labor. Sandy was supportive of whatever kind of birth I wanted. I was blessed to be able to give birth without an epidural. We really appreciated all of her care!
Sarah Tham

December 2016
"Thinking about childbirth was very scary for me but I knew I wanted a natural birth. I knew I needed help and Sandy was a God-send. After talking with her on the phone for the very first time, I knew she was the one. She was very helpful, honest and open-minded. I felt like she was just what I needed and I was right. She helped me do relaxation techniques and supported my decision of a natural birth. I believe she went above and beyond when she was always available through text or email.  She provided information and resources about the questions I had. She was always checking in and seeing how I was doing, which helped me a lot emotionally. She was someone I could count on.
Come the actual day of labor, she was consistently reminding me of our goals. She made me feel I was doing the right things. Her massage was wonderful. She knew just when I needed her support. She made me feel very relaxed during the entire experience. It also helped me emotionally and mentally just knowing that she was there. She was very caring and supportive through it all. She even took photos! I highly recommend her to any couple and we will definitely get her again for our next child."

October 2014
"I've been planning to write a review for Sandy since I gave birth in May 2014 at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.  It's hard to describe in words how much she helped me and how thankful I am to her.  Sandy was incredibly helpful during my labor.  She was supporting me constantly, including massage, music, warm showers, birthing balls, and advice.  She is a very nice, hard-working, warm-hearted person.  I enthusiastically recommend her as a doula!  This was my first birth so I met with several doulas and researched about doulas and birth a lot, and she was the best.  My husband and I also took birth classes at Stanford.  So, the point is, we picked her after a lot of careful research.  I am very satisfied with how my birth went and I think that she influenced my experience a lot."
Valerie G.

August 2014
"My husband and I knew that we wanted to to try for a natural childbirth, but we were unsure about hiring a doula until about 2 weeks before my due date.  Now, after the successful delivery of our first child, we can't imagine what we would have done without Sandy!  Sandy was easy to communicate with and was honest and accommodating about any scheduling conflicts.  During my labor, she and my husband worked as a team to help me cope with the pain.  I don't know exactly everything they were doing since I was "in the zone."  I only know that I didn't want them to stop or leave my side!  Some of the techniques involved applying counter-pressure, the hip squeeze, use of the birthing ball, aromatherapy, and music/guided imagery.  Thank you, Sandy, for a great experience!"
Jenny Lui

July 2014
"Sandy was a wonderful doula for us and she provided 2 visits prior to my delivery as well as additional support through emails and conversations throughout my pregnancy.  She also sent me resources for relaxation techniques and tips for delivery.  My labor began days before I delivered and in order to help put my mind at ease Sandy came over and went through some hypnotherapy with me then spent several hours providing emotional support for me.  My husband and I headed to the hospital that afternoon and Sandy joined us there.  She went through hours of labor support with me as all my hope for a natural birth changed due to my lack of progression and the start of pitocin.  She was helping my husband to provide counter pressure and breathe with me.  She helped me stay focused when I had difficult decisions to make during my very challenging labor, and was encouraging all the way until the end.  She stayed at the hospital another hour with us after delivery and even visited me a few days after we arrived home for a check up.  She brought cookies!  :)  I would definitely recommend her for others looking for a doula."
Vanessa Comfort

February 2014
"Sandy helped us get through our first hospital birthing experience and we were so very happy that she was there for us.  Sandy was attentive to our needs and was practical in her approach in that she did not try to push her own viewpoints or agenda in our birthing plan.  Sandy was always easy to reach by phone, text, and email.  She was always on time...especially when it mattered on delivery day.  During delivery, she provided counter-pressure to relieve pain, helped set the ambiance with electronic candles and music and provided a shoulder to cry on when it got rough.  She helped coach my husband as well and we both highly recommend her.  She also has three children of her own, which contributes to her credibility as someone who understands the labor, delivery, and postpartum process.
Chunhua Zheng

November 2013
"Sandy did a great job helping my wife and I as first time parents.  Although we tried to be as prepared as possible, nothing could make us completely ready for when my wife actually went into labor - which is why we sought the help of a Doula!  Having Sandy at our side really gave me a lot of relief as I watched her help my wife get through some of the more difficult parts of labor - although she was in pain, I could tell that my wife was relieved to have Sandy there as well!

Sandy was very responsive to all of our calls and texts as we went through the early stages of our induced labor.  Even though we were induced in the afternoon and spent the first night trying to get into active labor, she was always checking in with us to make sure she would get there at the right time - I don't think she even slept!  As soon as we felt like active labor was upon us in the early hours of the morning, we made the final call and Sandy showed right up to help guide us through the hardest moments.

From the first visits at home, through a difficult induced labor, and to the following check up to see my wife and our new baby Sandy was reliable, sensitive, and supportive - exactly what we needed from our Doula!"
Ian McDaniel

August 2013
"Sandy was very nice and helpful the whole time. She documented the birth and took pictures at the hospital.  She was also helpful via email and phone, and also the first few weeks after birth.  She came to the hospital very fast after my water broke and I had to run right away!  I recommend Sandy!"

March 2013
"Sandy spent significantly more time with me preparing for the birth of my second child than I ever expected her to. She got back to me quickly and set up an interview and answered all of my questions. She is open, honest, warm, and easy to talk to. I appreciated that she listened and either answered or researched all of my questions, and gave me sound advice. She also helped me prepare for labor by presenting ideas that I had not previously thought of. As I became more and more anxious leading up to labor she listened and never complained for my many texts & e-mails & phone calls in regards to my concerns as I passed my due date. She even met with me an extra day and worked with me on natural ways to induce labor. My labor and delivery of Hezekiah Thomas at Alta Bates would not have been the same without Sandy. It was much longer than I expected and really difficult at the end, but Sandy's encouragement and understanding of my wishes made it go better than I could have expected. If you are looking for a honest, warm, friendly and understanding doula then Sandy is an excellent choice."
Francesca Hanna

October 2013
"Sandy is a wonderful, honest, and supportive doula to have for your birthing experience.  I would strongly recommend her."

July 2012
"My experience with Sandy Kientzler was amazing since she assisted me at my July 24, 2012 birth of my son Hector Jr. She was very thorough and was a wealth of knowledge when it came to the birthing process, and gave me advice on some aspects of laboring at home and being prepared for the big day since this was my first time having a baby. From all the doulas that I had interviewed previously, Sandy was the warmest and nicest person of them all. She also does not overcharge for her services like others do. My husband was also very satisfied with her services since he was a first time dad and almost fainted at the birth. She was there thoughout the whole day and the previous day as well through text message to make sure I was ok. She also made sure that my husband was not so worried about me during the grueling hours of my labor pains. After our son was born, he could not thank her enough for all the assistance she provided to me. Example, taking me to and from the restroom, being right by me when my contractions were the strongest and motivating me to go through with no pain killers which included no epidural and no pitocin. Yeah. I totally recommend Sandy to anyone that is a first time mom or is having subsequent births because she will be there for you till the end. She also took some really nice pictures of my birth and of my father who unfortunately passed away in July. So grateful to have found a doula like her."
Thankful for Life,
Guadalupe Escareno

April 2012
Sandy was a fantastic help-mate to both my husband and myself.  It was as if she put herself in my position and yet was able to guide me through the "dark" passage of labor onto "new life."  A constant, dedicated companion.  She was more a sister, than a "doula."  I don't know how I could have succeeded with my "dream" birth experience without her.
With much gratitude and love,

April 2012
"Let me tell you, I think Sandy is the reason we succeeded in our hope for an all-natural childbirth.  As a man, and husband, though educated, I was ultimately unprepared for the LABOR that was our labor.  This was the first and only delivery that I have ever been apart of, and the first piece of advice that I will ALWAYS give new fathers-to-be is, "Get a good doula."  Sandy's addition to our labor was incalculable.  Her loving, tender, understanding support is what got my wife through what felt like so many hours.  I really don't know how her part could have been better, she was destined to be our doula.  I remember being amazed at how Sandy's compassion for Diana and her pain never diminished, but grew as the hours went on.  I cannot explain how she did it, but I can try to express my intense gratitude that she was able to.  She came prepared for the task, and through the hours and fatigue, never faltered.
Thank you sooo much Sandy for being our doula!"

June 2012
"It is a pleasure to recommend Sandy Kientzler to you as a doula.  I met Sandy through my mother, and really hadn't thought about having a doula for the birth of my second child.  However, after talking it over with my mother, I thought it might be a good idea just to talk with Sandy and see what she could offer to me.

With my first pregnancy, I really wanted to deliver my baby vaginally, but due to complications I had to have an emergency c-section after being in labor for quite a few hours.  I was even more determined to have a VBAC for my second pregnancy, and after talking with Sandy, I knew I had not only an ally for this process, but someone who was also educated and well-read on the subject.  Sandy sent me several articles that helped me feel more at ease about what I was about to endeavor.  She told me that all I needed to do was call her when I went into labor, and she would be available for me.  She was also available by phone if/when I had questions during my pregnancy, which was very helpful.

I had to be induced this time, because my pregnancy went past my due date by two weeks.  A doctor came in before the induction and gave reasons why I shouldn't even try to have a VBAC.  I was very upset at this, and my mom (who was with me) called Sandy for advice.  Sandy told us to request a second opinion from the midwife (this was at Kaiser), which we would never have thought of.  The midwife agreed with the doctor, and I did end up having the c-section.  As it turns out, my baby was 10lbs. 9oz., and there really was no way I could have had a VBAC.

What I appreciate the most about Sandy is that she didn't stop caring after we found out she wouldn't be able to be in the delivery room with me.  She arrived at the hospital right after my baby was born, spent time with me and my husband, and showed that she cared regardless of the outcome of our birthing experience.

I highly recommend Sandy to you.  She is knowledgeable, has great integrity and a strong character, and is a genuinely caring person."
Audrey Stewart