Thursday, April 19, 2012


Implantation officially started over a year ago...!

My sister started "workin' on me" about the idea of becoming a doula. We would do it together - tag-team, cover-each other, watch each others' kids - maybe Mom could even be a postpartum doula!! But...she was diagnosed with myoclonus of sleep onset and has to take medication to sleep for the time being. She would no longer be able to get up and go any time day or ~night~... So, her desires were now directed toward me becoming a doula!

It took a little convincing because I don't make decisions rashly. I'm not good at self-promoting, "marketing." I thought my life of homeschooling our 3 girls, mothering our 16 year old international student, and babysitting "on the side" was enough!!

But the seed was planted and there was no turning back now.

Something beautiful began to grow.

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